Thursday, March 13, 2014

happy days are here again

I'm back from a not so quick hiatus, bringing some news. Will be leaving this space for a while and return to tumblr. Which has now been made sort of clean and pretty. It's a new day, it's a new age, and maybe it'll work out this time.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Love Summertime Sadness

Back from my little disappearing act from the interwebs, I've rekindled my fondness of remixes and edm. All while internally cringing in shame at how my preferences have gone from pre-trend to on-trend on the far end of the bandwagon. I guess my inner hipster is more than well and alive. *internally cringes mid-dance*

I've been having the case of the pre-summertime sadness, and drastic measures were taken. My instagram, unfortunately, being a casualty of sorts. But now that I'm back, I'm trying to recall the 100 something people I've followed on there. If you have a taste for a bunch of random images, or have some must follow instagrammers on your list, you can go follow or tag me here.

While ironically semi-moping here are a couple of really fun tracks I've been loving over at soundcloud.

Over the last few weeks I've been feeling a bit limited by google's storage limit for images and am re-considering going back to tumblr. Yay or nay?


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sometimes it's good to step away for a while. To breathe and just be. I'd have a playlist up for this moment, but as spontaneity would have it, I'm making this post quickly on my phone.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ain't It Fun

We're about 16 days away from the anniversary of Paramore's last show in Manila! I can't believe it's been THAT long. Anyway, today I woke up earlier than usual to get some work done and found out their new music video is out!
File this under videos to watch when sad. Because seeing them have a kick out of breaking records (world records and actual vinyl records) is so much fun. Makes my heart glow. There's so much to do today, but I just can't not blog about this video.

*returns to the bat cave*


Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy tattoo day, Flying Ipis!

First band I get to watch this year, also happens to be the last local band I got to see last year. I just realized this yesterday. Last show I got to see was Metric. Right before the mandatory house arrest. Thanks asthma! Anyway, I've been dying to go see bands again, so this was a great start for 2014. And I arrived just in time to catch Flying Ipis already playing! *insert mini panic attack*

This was my first time at Ronac Art Center, and I was expecting it to be this huge space filled with architectural goodness. But no. It was a small gorgeous space that looks good at every angle. Makes sense that a lot of engagement shoots are also done here.

It was my first time hearing Cheats live (I seriously need to get out more. haha), and I wasn't expecting their sound to be that much fun. Also I've been wondering for a while about why they have so many people in their band. Not that it matters, since they sound great.

To celebrate Flying Ipis's 10k likes on facebook, they had this little event where they get matching Ipis Bolt tattoos, plus play a new song live. I've never watched the actual process of getting tattooed before, and I'm genuinely curious. I've been thinking of getting a couple of tattoos myself, but not soon. Anyway, it doesn't look as painful as I thought.

Except for that part where one of the artists was coloring the bolt in and I could see about five needles simultaneously sinking in. I'm not exactly fond of needles, so that part was pretty terrifying. But the results look worth facing my fear of needles, no?

I also got my second copy of their album (which honestly, I've never really done before. But then again, I've never had someone get my first copy before), and a Flying Ipis shirt! Got all kilig to have mine signed. Finally. Promise, nahiya ako to ask. But we're all there, and I have my silver marker with me.

But it was super nice of them to sign it. It was a great chill afternoon of good music, new people, and me watching people get inked. Nice chill start for the year. Thank you and congratulations Flying Ipis!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Music Monday: January LSS

Finally, I am out of the woods and am good to go album shopping! First album acquired this year? Icona Pop. Which was completely random. But then again, I was out the day before and every store I went to played either All Night or Girlfriend. More up my alley is Echosmith though. And I can't believe they're so young! Their album Talking Dreams is a worthy one to have. Every track is such a joy to listen to. Also in this playlist is Sandwich's video for New Romancer. One of my favorite tracks off Fat, Salt, and Flame. Go get it if you haven't. Below's the rest of what's been on repeat in my iTunes for the last few weeks.


Friday, January 17, 2014

The final year

Not exactly the best news, when I got to my station at the office this morning. This is probably why there are some people who live by one rule: Don't get attached. I think I just went through the seven stages of grief in one day. It's never easy hearing one of your favorite bands, who means so much to you, break up. I hope I get to see them again. One last time. Thanks for the music. Thanks for the memories. Always will be a fan, even after the end.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Style Muse

After so many years of struggling at looking properly presentable, I have cracked the code. When in doubt, pick a style muse. My first style muse was Emmanuelle Alt. Because I am the kind of person that just can't be bothered with too many things. And I just was never the girl who cared too much about clothes. I just want to look nice. Like "shirt, jeans and sneakers" nice. So it made sense to pattern my style on rockstars. There's just something about people in rock music and their style choices that really draws me in.

The moment I came into my own style was the moment my closet turned black and gray. I'm also starting to have a thing for fringe. This year, I'm on the hunt for proper fringed things. Fringe and sequins is very Emily Haines, if you ask me. And while I tried (and quite possibly failed) to channel her as I went to Metric's show in Manila last month, every day's a new day to maybe try again.

With my closet being monochromatic and all, I've decided to add some color to it by having some leopard print pieces. I got a leopard print pencil skirt from Forever 21 over the holidays, that I just want to use everyday. Early this week I also got a pair of ankle boots (that still needs some fixing). I'm still looking for more excuses to wear them since I rarely wear heels these days. But the leopard print lining was just hard to say no to.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 13 of 2013

Every year I make charts to track the songs, artists, and albums I've listened to the most. In the three years I've been doing this, I've noticed that concert tours play a major role in boosting plays in my itunes. That, and my favorite bands releasing a new album! If 2013 were a song, it would be Up In The Air. For the sheer insanity that was 2013.

Funny how a good number of artists on this year's list were nowhere to be heard in the last two years. Also, Coldplay and Snow Patrol has vanished from my charts entirely. I love Paramore's new album. Maybe it's their new sound. Or maybe it's how extremely relevant their songs were with that thing I had to deal with last year. Was pleasantly surprised to find Up Dharma Down on this year's list. This year, I've been playing a bunch of albums from local bands, and I was hoping I'd see more of them here, but the other's were a song or two short of getting in. Of the 13 artists above, 5 of them have played in Manila. And I'm crossing my fingers to get the dates and venues for the three other artists. Heard from little birdies that they'll be coming this way. The rest though, are still on my concert wishlist.

My appreciation for Paramore's new sound is obvious right here. And so is my love for Thirty Seconds to Mars' Love Lust Faith Dreams. What I wasn't expecting to see here was Ed Sheeran. Have I really listened to his album that many times last year? New additions to my library last year was Alt-J and The Lumineers. They're the albums that break the constant stream of rock in my playlist. Also Alt-J's Fitzpleasure is the best.
When Up In The Air was released early last year, it was the only thing I've listened to for weeks. Before the album was released, I would listen to the radio all day just to hear it again. Beats the audio-watermarked track you could get online. It sounded so different from their previous releases, which is probably why I loved it even more. Paramore's Now took some getting used to when it first came out. And despite the numbers, Last Hope and Proof are my favorite tracks off their self titled album. Same goes with Love Lust Faith Dreams. Do or Die and Convergence are my absolute favorites off the album. I love how cinematic and call-to-arms-y Do Or Die is, and how calm and peaceful Convergence is. What I was hoping to see on this list was any song from Chvrches. I've played The Mother We Share and Under the Tide so many times I almost know all the words to it.

As you can see, my ears are forever attracted to rock/alternative. And after two years of listening to one band the most, Paramore takes over. Currently unsure of what new albums to look forward to this year, but I am looking forward to a whole motherload of shows. So many rumors, so many tour dates, and a couple more festivals are happening this year, my concert fund is never gonna fill up. Despite me planning on passing up on a couple of shows already. And possibly make up for it by going to more local gigs. We'll see how it goes. It's a brand new year to make more fun memories. And discover new music.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Yeezy Resolutions

Not the biggest fan of Kanye West, and I'm even less of a fan today with this whole "Yeezus" persona (or whatever you call it) of his, but this is too funny. He once said in a music video that he only wants to say the things he wants to put in the universe, so why not quote him for NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS?

Resolutions have always been about cutting something out of your life, or adding something in, but rarely a declaration of what we will things to be. I'm not big on making resolutions, although I've been making the same vague one every year. "Make this year an upgrade of last year's." Thankfully, I get to stick to it easy peasy, but it's getting a bit boring. So I'm going to shake things up yeezus style, for the lol-s.

In 2014 I'm going full time in a little start-up with my parents. Maybe I won't exactly get my bank account to Jay-Z levels by the end of 2014, but here's to making this pursuit more sustainable. Because you know, momma has a live music addiction that's going nowhere. And foreign acts are making the great adventure to Manila, and momma wants to see most of them.

The start-up that I'll be more involved in starting next week involves a LOT of creating. I honestly don't see myself as a designer, but it's time to stop stopping myself from creating, and just go for it. I will be Warhol. *prays Warhol won't roll out of his grave to haunt me for this* But seriously, I will be a creative badass sounds pretty badass for a resolution. I like it.

In 2013, I've made a resolution to invest in memories. Thus making be bankrupt by December, with all the concerts and gigs (which isn't even much, tbh) I've been to. This pretty much tied to the first two yeezuloutions means that everything I do, everything my gut leads me to, will be made of pure awesome. Tall order. This is making me more stressed that it probably should!

I'm excited for 2014 to begin. I'm always excited for the new year. Like getting a brand new sketch pad, here's to all the blank pages I can fill up with doodles and random fun stuff. Hope you're all having a fun last few days of 2013! I leave you with this YEEZULOUTION for the lols. I'm sure there's some super metaphorical interpretation to this, but it's still funny. Happy new year everybody!

[get your own yezzuloutions: NEW YEEZY RESOLUTIONS]

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