Learning a new skill: Hand Lettering

Ever since getting into calligraphy months ago, I knew at some point I was going to get my hands dirty (literally) on hand lettering. I've always struggled with it, yet for some reason, my normal handwriting is pretty good. Drawing letters though, is an entirely different story. This is the very reason why I dove into calligraphy first.

I knew at some point I had to face my biggest frustration and learn Hand Lettering. So the moment Serious Studio posted on instagram that they were having workshops, I signed up right away.

I always suffer from mild instagram envy when I see posts on my feed that show some really cool lettering. Like why can't I make even my most  imperfect efforts at lettering look adorable? *weeps*

After a brief lecture on the basics, we were given exercises to get cracking. To be honest, I was eager to start lettering before I even got to the workshop venue. I also on some occasions, have the attention span of a goldfish, so I was doodling the moment the workshop started. That, or I was just too eager to start.

The workshop was held at Edsa BDG, or as I'd like to call it, a coffee lover's heaven on earth. The place smelled like bliss. One more reason why I'm excited that my workstation is mobile now. One of these days I'm coming back for their coffee. Even if it means commuting for an hour and a half on a Sunday.

Anyway, here's my effort at lettering based on the things we learned at the workshop. I was supposed to use this lyric for a shirt, but I changed my mind.

I also did a watercolor version of it. Obviously I need to learn how to properly use watercolor too.


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