Errand days

I always have a love-hate relationship with errand days. Mostly for the horrendous traffic situation. And I'm not even talking about the rush hour traffic. What I do love about it though, is a chance to be away from my computer (and the internet) for a day, and taking random photos from the car.

And when the traffic isn't so bad, my dad gives me a driving tour of Manila and all the places he used to hang out in and eat.

Sometimes I photograph my non work loot. But only because the light hits it so well and it would be a waste not to do something about it.

Sometimes when the traffic gets bad, you get to the root of it.

Ever since launching Fandom Capital, I've found myself going out more. Which is a great thing. I'm learning more than I ever expected about things I never really thought concerns me. Like types of paint and the creative possibilities that comes with it.

Now that the holidays are coming fast, I'm trying to ease up on running errands myself. Being on the road for eight hours of bad traffic makes me car sick. But at least I get to take photos.


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