Made a hasty blog post before the year ended, trying to sum up how my 2014 was, and failed. So here's a do-over. The year started out terribly. So bad that making it to today is a victory. At some point during the year though, defeat turned to anger, anger turned to fire, and fire turned into something positive, and things changed from that point. So here are some of my favorite moments of 2014.

my first SoFar show
image grabbed from SoFar Sounds Manila facebook page

You kind of have to experience it, to get it. I had no idea who the artists performing were, or how they sounded like, and I was blown away. It was awesome that I got to volunteer at this show too, met new people, and made new friends.

when my birthday came early

If it isn't obvious yet, I loooooooooove music. I went on an online shopping spree (not really), and my pre-order for tide/edit's album arrived a day before my order for moonwlk's album got delivered to the office. That sheer joy of albums arriving at your door in the middle of the day is all you need sometimes, to break monotony. Also, I love them, and their music is awesome.

getting lucky at a music festival

What are the chances that the only band I came to see that day would get my neon necklace, wear it, and then get their setlist after the show? It honestly never happens. That entire night was awesome. It really was what I needed that time.

my first meet and greet

It is so bittersweet that my first meet and greet would be the last time I'm seeing these guys as a band. Even worse is that their last show fell on my birthday. But they were the kindest, most gracious people I have ever met. And for someone you look up to to compliment your work, is just surreal. To top it all off, my blog account of it made it to PULP Magazine's Anberlin issue.

achievement unlocked: when a digital doodle gets to be on exhibit at Ayala Museum

Still think it's crazy. I promised myself that one day my work will be in those walls, the same building that showed some of the most amazing artists in the world. But I wasn't expecting it to happen the way it did, and with something that was outside what I normally do.

SoFar Manila's anniversary show
It was the first gig I've ever gone to without bringing a camera, and the experience was weird. Seeing moonwlk perform an acoustic set was a dream come true. I've only seen photos of it before, and I've always wished I'd have a chance to do so. It was amazing. The thrill of hearing amazing artists live for the first time is always something I cherish. There really is nothing like it.

meeting Chvrches for my birthday

Maybe it's my pity caption on vybe's instagram contest that did it. Maybe it was just sheer luck. Either way, meeting the band, showing them my work, and hearing Martin go Oi! was the best thing. I also had a great time at their show. It was awesome.

getting to shoot a multi-stage music festival

Never really thought I'd get the chance to do something like this in my lifetime. Although I've always wanted to. I've even made it my motivation to lose weight. Obviously that hasn't worked out. But it's bound to work now because man was the experience insane. I loved every second of it. The chance to photograph musicians up close, and see (and photograph) the legendary Pepe Smith one more time is something I will never forget. Neither will the body pain I took days to recover from. But it was all worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just need to physically prepare for it. lol

If there was anything that I've learned from 2014, it's that there are some things worth fighting for. Dreams are worth fighting for. Sometimes battles come unexpected, but if you've got the will and the heart, things are going to work out. And also that it's okay to break down and feel like shit from time to time. It's good motivation to kick ass next time. Now that that's out, I am once again optimistic of the new year. So many ideas, so many plans, so many bands to see live, and so much good music to dive through. Like my pile of unread books collecting dust, I have a pile of albums collecting digital dust, dying to be heard. Now I could just stop being sick for a week or two.


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