These are the days that binds us

In this series of overdue posts, I figured why not do a throwback Thursday of the first concert I went to this year? Because a concert on the first working day of the year is awesome.

I wasn't expecting myself to be surrounded by bagets that night, which is a bit weird. Like everyone around you has 934% more energy and feelings to spare than you for the next three hours, and my back was starting to ache before the band could even get up on stage. But as soon as the lights went out and Bad Blood started playing I kind of forgot about that and went on full on concert survival mode. There was no doubt that Manila, quite possibly has the most passionate fans. And maybe a bunch that is also over eager to document everything on their devices, because there was not a single moment that night where a gadget was not raised. We've all waited years for this moment anyway. Bastille was flawless all night that the long wait for the show to start was worth it.

While squished in a crowd of bagets, I've decided I'd be moving to the back of the venue mid-set so I can take photos of the entire stage at Pompeii. All I was waiting for was Oblivion. Because no one will give a crap if I sing along or cry in a sea of people who are probably doing the same thing, right? Right? Well, I didn't cry. I couldn't even sing. I've waited so long for that moment, all I could do was keep my mouth shut and take everything in. And it was beautiful. And then they launched into their TLC and The xx mashup, No Angels. I may be that overly zealous tita screaming and singing along because that was everything I wanted to hear (I will eat up every No Scrubs cover and love it, and I am also crazy in love with The xx). We also got Dan's blessing to rip it from the internet, which is awesome.

Once that was done, my friend and I moved to the back of the venue, which was massive. You see a very crowded cluster of people squeezing close to the stage, and then a wide wide space for the rest of us to lie and roll on the floor, or just run around if we want to. Which was exactly what Dan din during Flaws. After a few seconds of debating in my head on whether or not I join in on the madness, I sprinted towards where he was, bodyguards and all (even got bumped by one of the bouncers). It was only last week that I discovered this gem.

It was utter chaos, so I decided to go to the barricade near the side of the stage with a group of other people and tried to reach out to Dan as he made his way back. We all tried to high five him. We all failed. And it was the cutest thing. Well, second cutest. Because how could we all forget them wearing those bunny ears on stage?

My friends and I reunited at the back for the encore, where we've got more room to dance to Of the Night, and Pompeii.

With our hearts full and our ears happy, we leave with at least the ehh-eh-ohh-eh-oh of Pompeii ringing on repeat in our heads.


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