The moment news broke that Tycho was coming to Manila, my feed was filled with music friends freaking out. I have never heard of them till then, and now I was scared to even look them up. Because the good ones are always worth seeing live. But after some convincing, I gave in and listened to their recent album on spotify. And it was love at first song. The first song I got to listen to was Awake, and it was glorious, and I prayed that I get to hear it live. Just when I thought the universe would never align for it, and I gave up getting to see them play their music live, I got a message from a friend saying otherwise! Turns out I will get to see them live, and I will finally hear my happy song. *cue glitters and confetti*

But of course, further affirming my belief in the universe balancing itself out, I was the genius who left her camera's memory card at home. And to be honest, the live music experience is never complete with me not being able to take photos! It turned out to be a blessing though, because with only enough camera memory for so little shots, I had more than enough time to make undocumented memories.

Similar Objects opening the show

While a concert in a movie theatre seemed strange, in a how is this going to work - how are we all going to dance with these cushy chairs in the way way, it actually worked really really well. The passionate ones made a beeline to the front, moving to the beat. The movie theatre proved to be a good venue for it because the visuals on the huge screen made the entire show quite an experience.

The moment the band left the stage pre-encore, part of me was confused. Like the show cannot be over yet! I mean sure, it was late, and the show was delayed by a couple of hours, but it can't be over without them playing that one song I was looking forward to hearing. After what felt like ages, Scott returned to the stage and played what he said was a remix, while the rest of the band is resting. All I can remember the moment we realized it was the remix to Awake was me screaming.

The rest of the band wasted no time as they came back on stage to segue into playing Awake one more time. It was awesome. And in between thoughts of oh my god this is the best concert ever, and oh god I am puking rainbows and confetti, I was also thinking of my friend who got me a pass to the show, and her experiment. I recall telling her that this was the one song that I'd love for her to hear for the first time live because it was really really good.

The show ended with Elegy and I could not think of a more perfect song to end the night. Or so we thought. After the show, me and my friends decided to stay a bit longer to regroup, catch up, and collectively relive the show that just ended. Next thing we notice was Scott emerging from backstage to chat and take photos with everyone who stayed behind.

It was so awesome and surreal to meet them and chat a little. Part of me is hoping I didn't look too weird as I said thank you for them playing two versions of Awake that night, because seriously, my entire month has been made after that. And I say that in the sea of glitters and confetti I may have puked the entire night. It was awesome.


Many many thanks to Bel of Indie Manila for making this happen! 

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