Something SCRIPTactular

The moment news broke about The Script coming back to Manila, I knew it was one I'd definitely be going to. And judging from their sold out show two years ago, I was more than sure it was going to be sold out again. And I was right. Of course. And my paranoid self just had to get tickets during the pre-sale.

The band opened with the first song off their new album, Good Ol' Days. Part of me still wishes they opened with Kaleidoscope tho. But it was great. And they went on to play We Cry. Danny and Mark really worked the crowd as they both went as close as close gets. Danny even got some of the people sing. The next two songs, I live to hear live: Breakeven and Science and Faith. Just like the first time they were here, they made the crowd sing the first few lines of the song and it sounded so good. I love their live version of Science and Faith. they made the intro longer and I find it more dramatic. And it doesn't matter how I describe it, it was beautiful and I loved it. I still do.

Mark then introduces the next song, If You Could See Me Now. Which also happens to be one of my favorites off their new album. The music video for it has to be one of their best ones out. Next played was Before the Worst and If You Ever Come Back. What started out as what seemed to be a "normal" spiel before they played Nothing, turned into something more when Danny asked the audience who'd want to call one of their exes. One was game enough to make a call and Danny gets the phone and speaks to the other person on the line, and segues into the song!!!

As the lights dimmed when the song ended, Danny asks "Can I keep the phone?" Obviously their cheery personalities are inversely proportional to the sad sad tone of their songs. The band was more than happy to show their crazy with a beer chugging contest between Mark and Danny, and a wacky shot with easter bunnies.

Then the spotlight goes up once more, this time on Danny and Glen as they played I'm Yours. They played Six Degrees of Separation and For the First Time next. As the rest of the band exits the stage, and the crowd screams for more, Glen Mark stays and leads the crowd to singing the last few lines of the song on repeat. Of course everybody sings along until Glen leaves us to it and gets off the stage, much to the amusement of everyone.

There was no rest for our voices when the crowd screamed and cheered for the band to get back up on stage. And they did when the intro for You Won't Feel A Thing played, and the spotlight for Danny was on the crowd. It was intense. Mostly because there are only so many things that could go wrong when the vocalist is that far off the stage, in the middle of the crowd at their sold out show. But it was amazing!

They then played what was supposed to be their last song, Hall of Fame. That of course, is not enough. Y'all know how leaving is a touchy subject to us and how we'd love to have our favorite bands just stay here forever. Glen Mark does his thing again, getting the crowd to sing the last line off the song over and over. Next thing we see is Danny getting back up on the stage along with the rest of the band and play Good Ol' Days again.

And so now we have come full circle. The Script didn't hold anything back and pull out all the stops to make this hands down one of the most memorable shows in Manila this year.


  1. It really was Scriptacular! :) Amazing night! amazing band! Great record of what happened. Amazing pictures!

  2. Maybe you just got confused with Glen and Mark. But Glen's the drummer and Mark's the bass player and 2nd vocals. :) Anyhow, I totally agree with you! It was SCRIPTACULAR!♥

    1. I think you got confused too. But Ben Sargeant is the one who plays the bass. Mark does all the lead and rhythmic playing but Ben does the bass. :)

  3. Definitely SCRIPTacular! They blew everyone away and sang each song with passion and emotion. Such a stellar band!