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These are the final days of Anberlin. Back in August, I did a little post about Anberlin's final show in Manila in an effort to "heal". I've dealt with and breakup rumors before, and even witnessed one of my favorite bands break up before, but I've never experienced one where I am still so attached to them. It's great to see that they are parting ways as friends, unlike most band breakups. And I think it's incredibly kind of them to go out with one last album and a final tour. 

Someday when this hurts much less, I'll be looking back at the memories of their shows with a huge smile on my face. Their final show was so incredible, that even now, I still can't help but smile when I think of it. The last thing I expected was for people to read my post about it, and the man behind PULP Magazine himself would read it and love it enough to want to run it on the magazine!

It's like making Anberlin's part in my life even more tangible. So before this month ends, please do grab a copy of the magazine. Not just because I'm in it, but because they did a really beautiful layout for Anberlin's concert recap. It's also incredible to be part of an issue that features really cool local bands: tide/edit, The Buildings, and False Apart. I feel like I'm saling kitkit in this issue but I'll take the whole lot of it. Thank you to Sir Vernon and the rest of the people behind Pulp! Maybe one day PULP will adopt me? *wink wink*


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