My year in music

A bit overdue, but I've taken some time to animate my charts a bit. In the spirit of upgrading. Also, I've listened to so much fantastic new stuff, it's only fitting to make something a little more special than the usual infographic.

Short and sweet video above, and some images to go along with it below. As you may have noticed, my love for 30 Seconds to Mars looks like more than just a phase. I'm pretty excited to see how my preferences would shift this year with the onslaught of concerts happening. That, and Paramore and 30STM releasing new albums. Rock music will always have a special place in my heart.

You may not see it in the charts because old habits die hard, but I'm starting to have a thing for dubstep. But that's just a phase bound to fade out. And I've spent about two (or three) months keeping Up Dharma Down's Capacities on repeat. With our player, and not my iTunes, so it didn't reflect on the charts. I'm currently keeping Ellie Goulding's Halcyon on repeat, along with Ed Sheeran's + till my internet connection gets back to normal. Because my slow connection makes it close to impossible to preview all the shiny new tracks. Sad. But, I've recently got a copy of Coldplay live 2012 DVD, and have been keeping it on loop for the last few weeks! I love Coldplay, and their DVD is a must-have. I think it would be glorious to watch it in the theaters. In 3D. Everything about it is perfect. Can't wait to get all my work done and get back to sifting through new music!

What did your 2012 sound like?

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