Favorites of 2012: Live Performances

If there was one thing that I had in abundance this year, it was seeing bands/artists perform live in person, or via livestream. I love technology. From Coachella, to Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza, to album launches, and concerts in Manila, I certainly had my fix of good music on stage. What makes live performances special is witnessing that exchange in energy as the artists on stage deliver something that cannot be done on record while the crowd sings and moves to the music. Sometimes it's how the lights hit the artists on stage. Here's a playlist on some of my favorite ones off the shows I've seen this year. Please forgive the quality on some of the clips tho.

Some of my favorite live performances tho, can't be shared...yet. But I will tell you it involves a string quartet.  Some live performances are just so special, you only have that moment to cherish because you can't relive it on youtube. :P

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