My Favorite Things: Purchases of 2011

The last week of the year means more than getting those fireworks and sparklers ready for NYE. It's also list season! I've promised myself that in the spirit of my slow and steady makeover, I should get items for myself that are meant to last. If not physically, at least let me have some fun memories with it or something. Anyway, here are my top 5 purchases of the year:

5. Geeky specs
Just when everyone decided to wear wayfarers and horn rimmed glasses for kicks, I went for the rounded ones. Because I'm a rebel like that. Kidding! I was actually searching high and low for cat-eye frames, but couldn't find any. But when I saw these, I figured, why not? My old ones were just too tiny for me. I needed frames that were huge. I also needed them to double as sunglasses. Because what's the point of wearing sunnies when you're half-blind without your graded glasses?
Cost: Php250 frames from Divisoria, Php2500 for the transition lenses | Worth: Much much more <3

4. Reverse leather studded shoes
It was love at first sight when I found them at Glorietta 5, one fine afternoon. It just so happened to be the last pair in the store, and it came in MY SIZE! What. Is. Destiny. I've been having this odd obsession with studs and spikes for months, so of course I'd take it without any hesitation. It's comfortable, and pretty, and for some odd reason, seems to match everything in my closet. The only downside to this lovely thing is that it's so fragile! The only time I'd refuse to wear it is when there's about 80% chance of rain. Which is almost every week day. Yet I regret nothing.
Cost: Php450 | Worth: More than what I paid for. It matches everything I own.

3. Black leather studded and spiked bag
I was about to give up on finding the perfect studded and spiked bag when I found this one. The one I've been eyeing at SM seemed perfect at first, until I gave it another look and realized it's just too small for me on my camera-lugging days. Which is everytime I go out. And then this bag happens. It's even big enough to fit my 7D with my 50mm and Diana F+ lenses! That, and my toiletries, phone, headphones, planner, wallet, and keys. I was afraid that it'll give way with all the things I put in it, but no. It's still alive and gorgeous. And the lining is beautiful! I'm starting to have a thing for them cheetah prints.
Cost: Php750 from Tomato | Worth: Every centavo and more

2. Invisible Bookshelves
Definitely not the most inexpensive item on this list. But, with us moving to a new house, which we now own, it's the perfect excuse to get something interesting. For the house, of course. And I've been more than interested in getting non-boring bookshelves for my room. In case you don't know, the biggest money drain in my life are books. I barely leave the bookstore empty-handed, or without a promise of getting a new book on my return. I looked at other invisible shelf options, and this one seemed perfect and less damaging. The comb-like one makes me cringe on the inside just thinking about what those poor paperbacks will be subjected to. These, though they require hardbounds (at least for the base), are perfection. I can stare at my favorite books all day. Also, they are instant conversation starters.
Cost: Php900+ each at Dimensione | Worth: Every peso.

1. Nude Pumps
My recent trip to Divisoria was for finding the perfect suede pumps to turn into glitter shoes. I found it, and I also found one of the most surprisingly worth-it purchase of the year. Because considering where I'm getting this fabulous pair, my expectations for comfort and quality are beyond low. But I wore this pair all day on Christmas, and my feet loved me. And for the record, I was going up and down the stairs, and standing most of the time! It's so hard for me to find the perfect pair of heels because it's never easy to get the arch right. One of the many reasons why I don't let some of my heels retire even when they look like shoe zombies. Now my favorite old pair of nude heels can retire, for I have found a lovely replacement. About time too!
Cost: Php480 | Worth: Much more than what I paid for, and loving it!

So, what are your favorite purchases of 2011?

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