A fashionable debate

I've recently had a very very interesting conversation with the parents, on matters of fashion and style. This starts with my mother's commentary on people we know wearing those sporty short shorts in public.

Personally, I agree that those things are foul. Like people who wear tights as pants! What are these people thinking, exposing their crotch like that?! But, I also tell them that it's what people think is trendy. Or they are probably misinformed. Or maybe they'd like to start a cameltoe trend.

And back to the debate. I tell them my favorite fashion quote:

And I do believe in it. I believe that people should dress up in any way they wish freely, because that is the best way you can show who you are in a split-second. And with their case, I don't like their shorts, or how they wear their tights, but hey, that's their thing. If they're happy showing the world their unmentionables, then carry on.

As our debate progressed, I get thrown this line:
"People should dress appropriately to the occasion and place they're going to. And blend, not stand out." Because, you know, when you stand out, people talk, and criticize, and who knows what.
Half-mortified, I said "WHAT?!"

This, is the very reason why, as a certain blogger said, that the Philippines isn't fashion forward as a country. There are more people concerned about "fitting in" and "blending" that they find comfort being in this box where they are dictated on what's "in" to wear, than those who actually dare. This also led to me being told that "people here are very fashion conscious already." Wrong. They are aware of the trends, and are content to follow them.

I'm not saying that people should wear ball gowns with biker boots and a leather jacket under the horrid heat of Manila. Or bring a sako bag instead of the trendy satchel. I'm saying, we shouldn't be afraid to NOT follow trends, or dress up the way we wish that's against the common flow. Of making a statement, and being fearless about showing our true style. Don't be afraid to be different! If showing your camel toes is your kind of thing, then go forth and do so.

So to hell with their whispering and what-not. Standing out is not a crime. What is a crime is denying yourself of who you really are, so you can blend with the crowd like a robot. Don't go dress one way, just because everybody else does it.

For the record, I don't think trends are bad. There's a reason why they're there. But there's also no good reason as to why you shouldn't do your own thing. Go on, don't be afraid. Dance to your own beat, and dress to your own liking.

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