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For as long as I can remember, I've always looked to musicians and pop stars for style ideas. Unfortunately when I was younger, I had very little idea on how to properly translate their style to my body type, and that was a mess! That and a lot of wardrobe do's and don'ts. Long story. The short version of it, was that I've always been a mess when it came to outfit choices. That was until sometime when I was working and I got hooked on makeover TV shows and books. Tim Gunn and Isaac Mizrahi are my style heroes. They saved me from more years of shame and pain. But despite my change from terrible cuts and ill-fitting clothes to better garments and a decent sense of style, one thing remained the same: I've always found style inspiration from musicians. Here are my style "pegs fo lyfeee".

Yes, he has to come at the top of the list. Because his closet would be one I would die to raid. I'd start with the jackets. His jackets are insane. And then the pants. The drop crotch and studded ones are fabulous. I wonder if his clothes would fit me? Time to hit the gym. I've had a fascination with studs and spikes long before I even took notice of him and his music, but seeing all those outfits he had on stage certainly turned my fascination to an obsession. His style is just beyond awesome. So awesome, in fact, that in 2011, he was awarded as best and worst dressed by the same magazine. Sure, he's had his own set of hits and misses, but what's great about him is that he's not afraid to be different. He's the only guy I've seen pull off a skirt and manage to look hot in it. Also, it is because of Jahrret Leto (that's me pretending to pronounce the name with a french accent) that I've started shopping at the men's section. Why are men's clothes so much better?

More than being amazing live, one of the reasons I enjoy watching Metric's shows is to see what Emily Haines wears. I love the band to death, and love her style. I think it takes a lot of guts to wear a skirt of that length when you're in a (indie) rock band and performing on stage, but she pulls it off well. Her style has the fantastic balance of femininity and rock and roll chic. She just makes every outfit she wears seem so effortless, but you know she's put some thought into it. And despite the fringe, sequins, and chains she wears, they all look so comfortable.

If there's anything I'd have in common with Lykke Li, it would be black. You can't go wrong with black. It's been my go-to shade since I started learning how to dress. What I love about Lykke Li is her play on shape and texture. Something that I am trying to master with garments that are most difficult to wash and press. I do my own laundry and sometimes even I think it's quite a puzzle hanging them. That's a price to pay, I guess, for how fantastic they fall on you once that ordeal is over. And we both have a love affair with chains and rings! I feel forever naked without a ring on my finger. The bigger and more interesting, the better.

Ah, yes. The lady that sparked my obsession with having red hair. For some sad reason red doesn't stick to my locks (may have them bleached next time), but that doesn't make me want to have red hair any less. What I do love about her is her very jeans and t-shirt style. I've been staying away from it for some time now, but with the current changes in the work front, I may have to go back to it. Hayley may be all tees, jeans, and sneaks, but they are never boring on her. And I love her DIY shirts. I'll never forget her handwritten "Para-thrilla in Manila" shirt she had on when they performed in...well, Manila.

My closet at the moment is a fusion of Jared and Lykke Li. With bits of Hayley and Emily's style from time to time. Which reminds me, I should really go get new clothes. I haven't had a proper shopping spree at the local ukay place (not really local, more like a two-hour commute from home) in months! I also need proper sneaks because my favorite pair of lethal flats (lethal because it's spiked to death and I love it), isn't exactly appropriate for some of the places I intend to go to. I may have a proper shoe appreciation and ukay destination posts in the coming weeks. We'll see.

Who are your musician style inspirations?

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