We are like young volcanoes

And things have come full circle as I've resurfaced from my unintended and unplanned blogging hiatus. Fall Out Boy was the very first international band I ever got to see live. That also happened to be the last time I got to see them until Thursday! Their music has been the soundtrack of my angst, and undercover rebellion. I had lyrics to their songs as my YM/facebook status to inform the world of my frustrations. I've chanted "detox just to retox" a hundred times too many as a quit my day job, and mourned as they announced their hiatus. Now they've come back swinging and the first thing I did was grab a copy of their album and a ticket to their show the moment it went on sale. I've never really "panic-bought" a concert ticket before. Obviously, someone was THAT excited.

As expected people were pushing and shoving the moment the lights dimmed. It got so bad that people were fainting before the show even started, and the organizers had to make an announcement to remind people not to push to hard, and move a few steps back. The show opened with Typecast playing (turns out it wasn't planned at all!) a couple of songs with the crowd singing along. There's always a warm feeling inside when people sing along with their hands in the air. The lights for their set helped a lot too. I felt a bit jealous for those at the UA section. The view must've been fantastic. The moment their set ended, insanity ensued. I knew right then I can forget about taking pictures and hold on to my concert buddies for dear life.

After the first two songs Pete had to tell the audience to take a few steps back. Looks like the concert security were pulling people out of the barricades at a record pace. Everyone was singing, pushing, and jumping. Imagine MRT rush hour, and multiply that by 500. That's still probably an understatement.

For a while between songs Pete complimented how the lights hit the crowd. Jealous! I came with full intention of having a great time without taking as much pictures of the show, but I can't help but wonder how it looked like from afar. Someone from the front of the crowd also caught Pete's attention with her little crown that they had to take a picture. There wasn't a lot of talking/banter from the band as I would've liked throughout the show but it was amazing anyway. I guess that's what you get when they're playing a long list of songs (20!!!). It felt so good singing from the top of our lungs with fists up in the air, jumping and dancing. Everyone was chanting with their fists up at Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes going "Detox! Just to Retox!". The music video for Phoenix was playing on the screen as they played and we all know how precious and adorable Patrick is despite his pa-badass shennanigans.

The crowd was more than game to scream "Yeah!" at Alone Together, it was insane. From screaming/singing and dancing, the set slowed down a bit for What A Catch Donnie where everyone had their hands (and phones) in the air swaying to the beat.

The set picked up once more with Death Valley, which happens to be one of my favorites off the new album for its giling part. I do recall dancing with my concert buddies a la Jun Sabayton, it'll make my guru proud. *cough Abby cough* But come on, Patrick Stump semi-growling at Death Valley is as haute as their shirtless drummer. That had to be said. Because he was intense.

Death Valley till Young Volcanoes felt like a blur because we were going a bit crazy singing and dancing and taking short breaks to rinse and repeat. Clearly hiatus survivors have the stamina of athletes. Everybody loved the old songs as much as the new ones there didn't seem to be a dull moment with the crowd. Before playing Grand Theft Autumn, Pete mentioned that it was the song that launched them into having an international tour. This is news to me because I've always thought it was either Dance Dance or Sugar We're Going Down. Speaking of Dance Dance, I really wish I got to take a photo of Patrick doing silly faces during the song. How can anyone not love him. So precious. Haha, my fangirl is showing. The moment they played My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark I felt my heart breaking. This is why I tried to not look up their setlist. It's knowing that their on the last few songs of their set that's like a storm cloud looming.

Joe Trohman was such a rockstar with his afro and all I can only dream of capturing it from where I was standing. But I did manage to get these. By the way, his guitar solo at Beat It was intense.

I also loved Andy Hurley's drum solo. You all know I have a soft spot for drummers.

Before performing Save Rock and Roll, Pete talked about their hiatus, and the reason for their return. That "these days the heroes sing about bottles in the club..." and that they wanted to be the "anti-heroes". I love Save Rock and Roll. It's such an anthem in the album, and the kind of energy we experienced as they played it live was surreal. Images of music icons like Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury appeared on the huge screen behind them throughout the song. Patrick singing Sir Elton John's part was tres impressive. His range in insane, as he sang in a key much lower than we're used to.

I still get goosebumps reliving the part where everyone started singing "Oh no, we won't go! 'Coz we don't know when to quit or go!" and Hurley stands up and sings along with everyone. Also, I think it's hardcore how under dressed he is with just shorts and flip-flops. Towards the end of the show Pete attaches a camera to his mic (I found this out after) and goes to the crowd.

This is probably the closest I'll ever get to Pete, or anyone from the band. I was hoping he'd surf the crowd, but with security keeping him anchored, I guess not. There were a few fun moments during the show when Pete and Patrick had a little moment. And him making Patrick say a few words/phrases in tagalog (with his wife part Filipina), and Pete saying he likes Chicken Abobo (it's adobo and I heard it trended on twitter. lols).

All in all the wait was worth it. The entire show was worth it. Surviving the hiatus was worth every minute. They came back guns blazing and our hearts melting. I wish I could've at least given Patrick a hug, or told them thank you in person. They made music that spoke words I don't always have the courage to say out loud.

Many many thank you's to everyone who made this possible. And the concert buddies I got a hold of the night before the show.

Long live the car crash hearts!

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  1. I don't think it was a camera attached to Pete's mic