Wedding day: What I Wore

As you may find me saying often: I don't go out much. One of the many wonderful perks of working at home. With my closet filled with everything black, white, and gray, I obviously had nothing to wear. There was a time when shopping for clothes was something I hated. And for good reason. I had trouble finding clothes that fit me. And finding a proper dress this time around was an unwelcome flashback. I also had a very specific dress in mind which doesn't help the shopping process. Which is nothing new. It helps sometimes to have a specific image of an outfit in your head when shopping.
Dress from Zara. Fendi bag from my mother's closet. Earrings from my grandmother. Shoes from 168. Earrings from my grandmother. Forever 21 Ring.
I haven't worn a dress in a while too, so the outfit took some getting used to. Also, that would be the shortest dress I've ever owned. Will give the outfit a bit of a rest...for a few months maybe. I'm thinking of having it altered and getting the back cut. Because wouldn't this dress look great backless? I love going through my mother's stash of accessories from time to time. Why buy if you can borrow? Style doesn't have to be expensive.

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