Soft Punk

The MET Gala has filled up my twitter feed this morning and it reminded me of this little fun shoot we did at The Collective in Makati. It's been a while since I've had a proper shoot or two, and all the stress has made me quite terrible at planning one. Thankfully, Madz organized this one for us! Here's one of the two sets we did that day. What's great about shoots like these is that almost anything goes. Things may not go exactly as planned, but things will always work out. Keeps us on our toes. Keeps us thinking. Keeps making us consume large amounts of mochi because the heat is intense.

As you may have noticed, my deconstructed triad shirt has had its outing again! So did that pair of leggings I swore I'd never wear again. It's bittersweet seeing your clothes look good on the models. It's great in a "yay, my taste in clothes isn't terrible!" kind of way. But it also kind or sucks because they never look that good on me. Oh, and if you do fancy her earrings, you can get that from this nice shop at etsy. I plan to get more soon. They're so cool. I love them. I wear them everytime I go out.

So I looked up soft punk and it actually exists. Just add Chicago to it. I'm not kidding. Oh, wait it's Chicago Soft Core. It's how they'd describe the pop-punk-alternative sound artists like Fall Out Boy have. They named a couple more artists, but I'm terrible with names. And I had to mention FOB. They'll be in Manila in August!!! Punk is a thing now and I don't really know what to feel about it. My inner hipster is showing. What's great about it is I get to find all the stuff I want much easier. But then again, so will everybody else. And that cool jacket I got ten seconds ago would be the same jacket fifteen other people in the same room just decided to wear the same time as I do. But then at its core, punk is expression. Wear what you want, say what you want, listen to whatever music you want. It may not always go with the norm, but that's what punk is. There is such a thing as soft punk but the definition was crap.


Model: Reeza Berroya
Hair and Makeup: Madz Rausa
Photographer: Henri Villegas
Assisted by: Cholo del Rosario


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