Countdown to Wanderland: 18 Days

Happy Labor Day, workforce! As I'm super stoked to attend a music festival for the first time, I'm wiping my excitement on your faces with outfit options. I've been planning looks since I decided to go. Well, more like since they announced it. I love planning lewks. And I love festival fashion because it's the best excuse to wear anything "ventilated". And I mean shorts and flowy dresses and tops that show off your bra kind of thing. As I keep telling my friends, jokingly: Maybe the reason why no matter what I do I just never lose weight is because the powers that be know how hubadera I'll get when I go four dress sizes down. But it's so hot. And nobody likes a tee-shirt tan line.

These are things (well, except for the exact pair of boots), that you can get at your local tiangge or ukay. You can get similar shirts at 168 in Divisoria for about 180 pesos. I have a similar one in gray, which I might wear. Extra emphasis on "might", which you are free to translate as "no gonna happen". I strongly recommend well ventilated everything because the heat in Manila tends to get horrid. And shoes that cling to you like no tomorrow is a must. With all the walking and moshing, comfort and kapit is of utmost importance. Although walking home with just one sandal on makes for fun post-festival chit chat.

Still not sure if you're going? You should! Wanderland just opened up another section for only Php 3150. Not sure what to wear? I'll have you covered. I'm on full festival mode till the 18th, so keep your eyes peeled for some festival looks and necessities posts. You can also check out for anything and everything you need to know. Not familiar with most of the acts performing on the 18th? I've compiled a helpful playlist right here so you know what earcandy you'll be experiencing then.

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