Countdown to Wanderland: 10 Days

This time around I'm cramming more festival looks, because if you're still unsure about what to wear, at least you've got 10 days to get that sorted out. It's never a bad thing to step out looking as stylish as you can get, but events like these are made for walking, dancing, and moshing. So you can keep the spikes (unless you want to hurt someone), chains (unless you want to get accidentally strangled), and unnaturally long earrings (pretty much self explanatory) at home. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer keeping the accessories to a minimal on outdoor events. You can, however grab that feathered American Indian head dress and wear it till you drop.
Although black isn't exactly everyone's go-to shade for summer, I'd still go for it. Opt for dark bottoms in case you decide sitting on the ground is a good thing. And with a water slide calling your name, isn't black suddenly a good idea?
I'm currently digging fringe details. I'm even sorting out how to add fringe to a couple of pieces I have at home, but let's save that for a different blog post. I'm not really a backpack person, but most backpacks are built to carry more stuff than your average shoulder bag. So if you happen to be one of those people who tend to pack everything in case of emergencies, then this would be a great option. In case you noticed, I'm very pro-closed shoes. Alright, it might be too warm for your feet, but it keeps them safe for in case anybody overly excited accidentally lands on your foot.
If showing some legs ain't your thing, forget the jeans. Breezy harem pants are a good option. Don't forget to stack some bangles and rings for that boho vibe. And a wide brim sun hat wouldn't hurt. After all, the festivities start at 1pm.

I've been posting options with sleeve-less tops, which is funny since I refuse to show off my arms. Let's just say I have "muscular arms". But if I'm being completely honest, I have cray cray fat arms. So I'd rather wear sleeves. But fret not! Sleeved tops don't meat hot and horrid! You can always go for cut-out shirts you can get at your favorite clothing stores. But why go for that if you can make your own?

For the girly girl, where dresses are the only option, I haven't forgotten about you. And of course I've picked short skater dresses. The better for you to run around in! Maxi dresses are alright too, I guess. But I wouldn't risk long hemlines getting stepped on. Imagine moshing in a maxi dress? Or what if it rains? You know how schozophrenic the weather is in these parts. Long grazing dresses are definitely off my list for this one. Skater dresses are a better option. And you can wear your plain white tee underneath them too! Well not all, just the obscenely cut ones. Unless showing off your underwear (or what's underneath it) is your kind of thing.

The key to festival dressing is comfort. So ditch the heels. I don't care if they're wedges. If you're standing for over four hours straight in them, they will give you hell. Trust me. Even my most comfortable pair of heels gave me so much pain after walking all day in them. I forget to sit sometimes. Especially on shopping trips. So how much more a festival with so much walking (and possibly jumping) involved? Now's not the time to sacrifice comfort for style. But who says you can't be stylish and comfortable?

Have you got your festival essentials ready? Stay tuned because I've got a guide on festival essentials coming real soon!

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