Bershka and all that Jazz

Bershka had a launch party last Thursday, and I have to say it was pretty rad. You know I'll always be down for anything that marries good music and fashion, so when Miss PLP  told me we were going, of course I'd say yes. 

Me, Sophie and Iya: If you can't scan it, photograph it ;)

I didn't get to take much photos of the party, mostly because I was so in the moment, and because my poor feet can't handle hours of wearing heels like it used to. Also, I've been taking lots of video of the event, which you'll see at Miss PLP's youtube channel soon enough.

My über deceptive shoes that gave me two days of hell. Should probably wear heels at home starting now.
When I said good music and fashion, that was exactly what that night was all about. Kicking off the night was Taken By Cars. I haven't seen them live since their Dualist album launch, which technically was ages ago. But it's great to see them live again. I do remember being super stoked when I heard they were playing at SXSW last year. And they're as great as I remembered them being. :)

Had such a huge girl crush on DJ Eve Speciall the moment I saw her. And her set was so hard to not dance to.

Soon DJ Prince Pelayo got on board and everyone got trés excited.

I had a lot of fun at the party, which is exactly what I needed after being swamped with work for the past few months. Not complaining, tho. And I did recall asking for a moshpit . While this isn't exactly what I asked for, it'll more than be enough for now. It was a great crowd too. We left the party just in time for gimik hour (around 10pm. Yes, too early to go home.), so I decided to come with when Sophie asked me to tag along for Jazz night. And our party of three turned to four when we got Sara to join us!

Shots that came with the door, but never got to touch! Lesson learned: Never leave your drink!

Jazz night was great. Sure, I'm all rock and indie with the occasional neo-classical here and there, but it's a great change of pace. I've never really listened to jazz, save for the occasional CD that the parentals put on from time to time. Hearing it live tho, has nothing on those CDs. I may have to take them sometime. Got home at around 3am, just in time for a couple of skype meetings with clients that lasted till 6am! Naturally, I'd be that manang spending Friday at home. Sleeping. I'd love to do it again soon. :)

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