Case of the blues

Sometimes, even when things look fantastic on paper, it just isn't enough. Although I never really bothered much disclosing the comings and goings of my now frequent bout with the blues, all I hope for is that people stop with the whole "get over it" line. Some things don't have an "off switch". If this one did, I'd never even have this little funk I'm in. So. In the spirit of this being a week for reflection, I've put together my "I'm in a funk" playlist.

This is a hodge podge of songs I listen to to make me feel worse (I know, drama much). But it does help getting this out of my system. I've learned well enough that you don't keep the bad vibes in. You push them out if you have to. So why not have a good cry or ten? And I put a fun song after Immy because if you lose it at Wait it Out, there's a pretty cheery song that plays right after. I've pushed a good chunk of my sad vibes out yesterday by taking some time off work (not really, more like eased up a little). Hopefully a good few hours surrounded by nature this weekend would kick the rest of it out. And I can't wait to be surrounded by trees again! And take photos of the "great outdoors". This girl just wants a day off so bye phone, bye emails, and bye internets. For now. ;)

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