Wanderland Fest

If there's anything I'm most looking forward to in the coming months, it's definitely the first (because I'm positive that this won't be the last) Wanderland Music and Arts Festival happening on May 18th!

At Php 5,090 you get to see The Temper Trap, Up Dharma Down, Neon Trees, Nada Surf, Avalanche City, Taken By Cars, Yolanda Moon, Colour Coding, Tully on Tully, Pulso, and She's Only Sixteen. Which is more than worth it, since at about the same price you only get a Patron/VIP ticket seat to one band at a concert. More than sulit! And to get you trés excited, here's a little playlist of what you can expect.

Fingers crossed they get to bring more acts in. But for a day-long festival of amazing indie bands from Manila and overseas is definitely getting more than what you're paying for. I hope this gets to be an annual thing, like those festivals overseas. Anyway, tickets to this shindig are limited. But don't rush just yet. I say that with complete bias as I won't be able to get mine till sometime in April.

I've been shamelessly hinting that I'd love to be part of this event and maybe make some videos (or possibly cover it) for them, but we'll see. A bit of shamelessness can do a bit of good sometimes, and a chance to photograph these amazing artists is something I wouldn't want to miss!

I've checked online ticket sites and their prices are standard. You get the tickets 50 pesos cheaper tho, if you choose to get them offline.

Finally got my tickets like two minutes ago. If you'll be buying online, there are three sites you can get them from: Ticketnet, Ticketworld, and SM Tickets. I have great distate for SM and their ticketing (I had a horrid experience getting my Paramore tickets from them), so naturally, I'm never getting from them again unless I had no choice. But here are your options for getting online, in case you haven't already.

Ticketnet: Php 5100 (Print at home; Includes 60 pesos convenience fee)
Ticketworld: Php 5040 (Print at home. There are other options that come with a fee like shipping or pickup)
SM Tickets: Php 5090 (Includes 50 pesos convenience fee. There's a ticket claim voucher that's sent to you. You can probably claim those tickets at the only two places possible: Megamall and MoA.)

I got mine from Ticketworld and will be printing it at home. Which is the cheapest option in the bunch. I'd go for the pickup route but I don't think I'll be able to do that in the coming weeks. I'm hoping that at the venue they're giving festival goers a wristband because stamps can fade if you're subjected to sweat and everything that comes with it. And making sure that your tickets are with you and are in one piece the entire day seems like hassle. Wristbands are great and easy for everyone. But hey, I'm already in, so whatever, I guess. Woo! So stoked!

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