Paramore Day

I've been saving this post for this day. And it's taken a lot of self control not to just post it earlier. I'm super stoked to see Paramore tonight from the far end of the Arena because of reasons. What I did manage to squeeze in is this gif and a bunch of wallpapers just waiting to happen, inspired by their music video for Now. The colors you see there are based on the colors Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor had on them, and the green's obviously the general (or whatever he is). Feel free to repost and share as you please so long as everything's intact. I've also created a couple of wallpapers for your gadgets or whatever it is you use. The last time I did a pack like this was for Kings and Queens. If you missed that one, click here.

If we weren't so insanely busy, I would've loved to have it on a shirt to wear tonight, but alas, a mobile wallpaper is all I'm getting. You can download the wallpaper pack here. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get ready to sing my lungs out.

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