Valentine's Day is so overrated

Well, that sounds unnecessarily bitter! It's nice to do something extra special or romantic at least one day in a year, but it doesn't always have to be just on Valentine's Day. People just fuss over it and it's just another day of the year. Not like it's Christmas or Easter or anything. But then again I'm spending my Valentine's Day on a date night with my computer, working away, so what do I know, right? So I'm sharing some of my favorite Marina and the Diamonds songs.

I love Marina so much because her songs are fearless and honest. And she just oozes with independence and self-sureness that makes me adore her so much. And I'll be keeping her songs on repeat today. Along with a couple of Paramore songs. Today is Marina and the Diamonds day, tomorrow is Paramore day! Work has completely gobbled up my February and it looks a lot like it'll eat up the next month as well. Keeping my fingers crossed I can share something for y'all this week, because I've been working on something special to give away. :)

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