Seven months

I can't believe it's been seven months since things have changed like crazy. To those who know, and/or were with me, I can't believe I've been semi-celebrating this thing (well not really celebrating, just the obligatory greeting) for the last seven months! I counted it this morning. Haha. It's amazing what happens when you open your mind and youself to new experiences and things. I'd go all sentimental and emotional on the whether-tos and why-fors on y'all, but no. Things have been so great since looking at things from a different perspective, and I am eternally grateful for all the good things that came since then. And since it is leap year, I decided to share my desktop wallpaper.
I originally made it for a shirt I'd wear, but never got to make it, so I turned it to my desktop wallpaper to remind me to have it made to a shirt when possible. But for now, I'd love for you all to have it on your computers and what-have-yous. I hope you like it. You can download the entire thing here. The zip folder contains jpeg files based on your computer or gadget's screen resolution. In case you want it on your phone or tablet, or whatever.

I'm not sure how long the file will be available on sendspace, but if you do have issues downloading them, leave a comment or tweet me.

I've uploaded the file to google drive so it's available for longer!

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