It's not a dream anymore, it's worth fighting for

Even with the impossible odds, look who managed to make the impossible possible?!

Okay, I admit, I have a terrible concert addiction. No, I don't intend to go to every single concert, or every single gig. Except if the artist performing is one whose work I admire and believe in. I was running low on my concert fund, and am having zero "me time" the last few weeks when work decided it's a great time for an avalanche (not complaining tho, it's great), and just when I had my hands full, I had an "impossible project" with an impossible deadline in my hands. All signs said "sit this one out" but that's even more reason for me to keep trying.

Paramore has been one of my favorite bands since seeing their music video for Misery Business on a bus on the way to somewhere I can't remember. I knew then they're for keeps with that sass their working. I was at the gold section on their first show in Manila and it was amazing. So amazing I got sick the next day. And had a terrible case of Post Concert Depression, which is something that I think should be considered a legit condition by now. Right then, I knew that if they ever came back, I better be at the same section because it was awesome!

Taylor, my favorite shot of Jeremy, and Hayley
Sadly, as you may notice with the photos, I did not end up anywhere near the stage. In fact, I was so far up, you could almost high-five the sky. I was a little short on the concert fund, and the section I wanted was already sold out. But despite my mother telling me too, to sit this one out, y'all know there's no way I'd do that. For a band that's part of the soundtrack of my life, I'm gonna keep fighting and trying to see them and have a grand time. I've been curious how they'd turn out live after losing two members. And I was curious to see how much of a change there'd be. And that's the icing to the "I don't care, I'm watching Paramore anyway" cake.

To be honest, I didn't want to know the set list before the show. And I was a bit disappointed they opened with Now. Although I know why, I hoped they'd change it up or remix it with a few solos before Hayley bursts in and sings "don't try and take this from me!" because I didn't think it was the best song to open the show with as is. I'm very nit-picky with set lists that sometimes that's what makes me decide to not go to a show. I don't know what the rules are about playing new songs from an album yet to be released, but I was hoping to hear one more song off the new album, besides NOW.

They played most of the songs off their setlist from the last tour, except this time they added post BNE singles like Monster, Hello Cold World, In The Mourning (which I loved, and wish I recorded), and Renegade. They have been nothing but PHENOMENAL on stage, all of them running and jumping and head banging to the music with more energy than ten energizer bunnies. But Paramore is a band best seen from up close. Because there are rock concerts that don't go for elaborate and overly fancy setups. Because for some bands, their music and that energy they exchange with the crowd, is more than anything those crazy lights or LEDs or even rotating stages can do. But at our "malapit kay lord" seats, it's a bit terrifying to mosh knowing that one missed step could break your neck. Or send an avalanche of people down to the next section or three. And I'm not even exaggerating. Another thing that made me wish I was at the mosh pit was the view of the arena when they sang The Only Exception. Everyone had their cellphones up and there were over a thousand lights from the Patron to GA area swaying in the air. You'll see that in this video.

Hayley gave the sweetest speech mid-set, about everything they've been through the last two years, and how grateful they are to do what they do. "You are all important," she says, "don't let anyone tell you you're not."

The signature flip I failed to capture properly. You can imagine how loud everyone screamed when this happened.
Taylor obviously likes being in midair ;)
At the end of the show, people were more than just talking about how awesome the concert was. Everybody was talking about Vanessa and how lucky that girl was to sing with the band on stage! You can go see the video on youtube on how she rocked it and how the band loved it. Taylor was so adorable at the end of the song, I just want to hug someone.

It was a great night, certainly worth the two nights of no sleep I had to go through for work right after. I'm having the worst PCD right now, but these pictures make it better. Post Paramore concerts always mean intense PCDs anyway. And yes, Hayley, "leaving" is a touchy subject. Please come back, we have candy, and we miss you already. ;P


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