Breathing Underwater

Over the weekend I might as well be underwater drowning over a seemingly impossible deadline that I took. Yes, I'm still mourning on how I was supposed to see this band perform again, because the first time I saw them live, I had no idea who they were. And I thought they were great. But enough about the weekend lost. Monday happened and just when I was supposed to double check the Bon Iver replay, I catch Metric! I was quite bummed when I missed their show in Singapore early this year, but seeing them twice from my decent-sized computer screen is comforting.

They did a few songs with the Lou Reed, and the fan-recorded video below was my favorite.

I'm still on the hunt for more videos (and possibly a replay) of Metric's set, as I missed the first part of it, I think. I love Metric. I love their songs. And I love watching their live performances because it's so infectious, I even managed to sing and dance along despite the insane amount of stress I subjected myself to. And I needed that. And just look at their lighting!

As I found out while watching the stream was that it's Live Music Week and it's only Monday/Tuesday. If you frequent the Bowery Presents youtube channel, then chances are you've caught the Grizzly Bear show earlier. I'm looking forward to the 27th/28th for the Two Door Cinema Club show. For now, there's a replay of the Bon Iver show that's only up for 24 48 hours. It's something you should go see because his set was amazzzziiiiingggggg.


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