Bon Iver at the Bowery

The weekend was nothing but relaxing for me. Also I am in the process of getting over missing all three The Cab shows last week. I intended to go yesterday, with a receipt to serve as a pass, but I was chained to my desk working away. What kept me company tho, was Bon Iver's beautiful show at the Bowery, streaming at youtube. I've been highly dependent on streams the past few weeks. Especially during fashion week in NYC and London! Here are some screenshots of Bon Iver's show.

If you missed it, fret not! The Bowery Presents will be streaming it again on the 24th (or 25th, depending on your time zone), on their youtube channel. I didn't catch the beginning of it, so I'll be there. And if you love Metric, hurry up and go there NOW!

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