PhFW: Veejay Floresca

Photo by Tedd Mabitazan
The one show I knew I wasn't going to miss, was the one show I was looking forward to for weeks. And then it didn't happen. Why I missed it, is an entirely different blog post. Therefore, I am living vicariously on the interwebs for this. Since I started attending PhFW, I've never missed his shows. Until now.

Photo by Tedd Mabitazan
I was at the SMX in spirit, bummed that where I was had no wifi so I could at least see the live tweets while I wait. Despite knowing that the show, and everything about PhFW, would be fabulous, it's still better to witness it firsthand. But there will always be next season. Now back on topic. Here are my favorites from the collection.

Yes, that's almost the entire collection. Which is exactly the point. I love how Veejay Floresca constantly impresses every season. (Also, his bridal gowns are breathtaking!) I've seen a photo of a particular barong-dress, which I fancied at first sight, and seeing it on the runway  (see photo above-left) , was gorgeous. I love that he took the Filipino menswear staple, the barong, and made it feminine and tres chic. As usual, there's a few pieces I fancy. In time, I'll get to wear a VJF creation. For now, I ogle.

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