PhFW Holiday 2012: JAG

I literally put all my posts on hold for fashion week. In case any of you were stopping by and wondering why I never updated. As fate (and sweet generosity) would have it, I get a VIP pass for the Jag show (thanks Josh and Meg!). Which is more than brilliant as I was running so so late. Taxis are so hard to find on a Friday.

Be warned, I'm throwing lots of pictures in because this was the only show I got to attend this season. The reason why, is entirely another blog post. With another barrage of photos. Now back to the show:

This mirror-jacket made my heart skip. It looked glorious under those lights.

Also, acting like Josh's number one fan, all I had that night was his outfit photo. Yes, not even an OoTD shot of myself! I guess I'll have to make up for it next season. But his top just has to be photographed.

But if you're curious, Emanuelle Alt is my style peg for life, so you kind of have an idea on what I wore: dark denim, shirt, fab blazer, and an equally fabulous pair of boots. Thanks again Josh and Meg! And it was nice seeing you and your lovely friends again, and meeting more of them. :)

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