Lifehouse in Manila

Ever had those moments where you had to pick one good thing over the other, and had your mind set to it and then end up with the one you chose to gave up? Did that even make sense? It sounded a bit confusing. Anyway, Friday night, coming home after the Jag Show, I get a call from my uncle asking me to come with my cousin to the Lifehouse concert on Saturday night. In a perfect world where teleportation is possible, I could make it to both the fashion show at SMX, and the concert, with time to change from something fierce to something more commute friendly. But we don't. And given the short window between the two, plus the fantastic traffic situation in Manila, I can only pick one. So how could I say no to my uncle? And cousin? And a ticket to see one of my favorite bands live for free? Answer: You don't. So it was a bittersweet farewell to my pass (which was lovingly adopted by one of my other cousin's friends), and a sweet welcome to concert tickets! Of course the ticket says eight, and genius forgot that the show actually starts at 9. So in hindsight, we could've had a proper meal before going in. Anyway, here are some photos I took that night.

Opening act: Never the Strangers
Never the Strangers

Jason taking requests from the crowd

Band takes a bow.
What would I be if I didn't take videos too? Quite bummed I couldn't find my bigger SD card, so I was stuck with 2GB. And failed to record Broken. Which, on second thought was a good thing, because I couldn't help but sing along, terribly at that. I know it's a gospel song, but I love it so much, okay? They had me at the short acoustic version of Storm. I remember having it on repeat for weeks!

Thank you very much to my cousin for picking Lifehouse, and my tito and tita who decided to call me to chaperon instead of someone else. Because it was the awkward videoke night of sorts that I needed. And the whole night was such fun. <3

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