Revolver Night at saGuijo

It's been a while since I've been to a gig. Months even! So when I saw the lineup for the Saturday leg of Revolver's 10th anniversary, I knew I had to move mountains and pray for a miracle because I will not miss it. Looking back it wasn't the best idea, having a night out with a rush project hanging over my head, but I figured, dammit, I'm working myself to the bone till November, I deserve one night of happiness. (Melodramatic, no?) Also, it doesn't happen very often that the bands playing in one night is just two acts short of my dream lineup.

It was in Saguijo that I experienced going to a gig alone for the first time, so it's pretty awesome that though I still show up alone, I end up bumping into friends and familiar faces. And the possibility of making a new friend or two.

I ran a bit late and I was so worried I wouldn't be able to catch Taken by Cars and Cheats! But I was so glad I arrived just in time for them and only missed the first band.

Moonwlk is probably the band in the lineup that I haven't seen in ages! But they were exactly as fun as I remembered.

Ended the night with Flying Ipis. Finally the stars have aligned, and I get to catch them at one of their Makati gigs.

I've also had the pleasure of hearing The Buildings and She's Only Sixteen for the first time. These are nights I wish I could experience more often, to be honest. But ber-months also mean cray-months.


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