Top 13 of 2013

Every year I make charts to track the songs, artists, and albums I've listened to the most. In the three years I've been doing this, I've noticed that concert tours play a major role in boosting plays in my itunes. That, and my favorite bands releasing a new album! If 2013 were a song, it would be Up In The Air. For the sheer insanity that was 2013.

Funny how a good number of artists on this year's list were nowhere to be heard in the last two years. Also, Coldplay and Snow Patrol has vanished from my charts entirely. I love Paramore's new album. Maybe it's their new sound. Or maybe it's how extremely relevant their songs were with that thing I had to deal with last year. Was pleasantly surprised to find Up Dharma Down on this year's list. This year, I've been playing a bunch of albums from local bands, and I was hoping I'd see more of them here, but the other's were a song or two short of getting in. Of the 13 artists above, 5 of them have played in Manila. And I'm crossing my fingers to get the dates and venues for the three other artists. Heard from little birdies that they'll be coming this way. The rest though, are still on my concert wishlist.

My appreciation for Paramore's new sound is obvious right here. And so is my love for Thirty Seconds to Mars' Love Lust Faith Dreams. What I wasn't expecting to see here was Ed Sheeran. Have I really listened to his album that many times last year? New additions to my library last year was Alt-J and The Lumineers. They're the albums that break the constant stream of rock in my playlist. Also Alt-J's Fitzpleasure is the best.
When Up In The Air was released early last year, it was the only thing I've listened to for weeks. Before the album was released, I would listen to the radio all day just to hear it again. Beats the audio-watermarked track you could get online. It sounded so different from their previous releases, which is probably why I loved it even more. Paramore's Now took some getting used to when it first came out. And despite the numbers, Last Hope and Proof are my favorite tracks off their self titled album. Same goes with Love Lust Faith Dreams. Do or Die and Convergence are my absolute favorites off the album. I love how cinematic and call-to-arms-y Do Or Die is, and how calm and peaceful Convergence is. What I was hoping to see on this list was any song from Chvrches. I've played The Mother We Share and Under the Tide so many times I almost know all the words to it.

As you can see, my ears are forever attracted to rock/alternative. And after two years of listening to one band the most, Paramore takes over. Currently unsure of what new albums to look forward to this year, but I am looking forward to a whole motherload of shows. So many rumors, so many tour dates, and a couple more festivals are happening this year, my concert fund is never gonna fill up. Despite me planning on passing up on a couple of shows already. And possibly make up for it by going to more local gigs. We'll see how it goes. It's a brand new year to make more fun memories. And discover new music.


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