Style Muse

After so many years of struggling at looking properly presentable, I have cracked the code. When in doubt, pick a style muse. My first style muse was Emmanuelle Alt. Because I am the kind of person that just can't be bothered with too many things. And I just was never the girl who cared too much about clothes. I just want to look nice. Like "shirt, jeans and sneakers" nice. So it made sense to pattern my style on rockstars. There's just something about people in rock music and their style choices that really draws me in.

The moment I came into my own style was the moment my closet turned black and gray. I'm also starting to have a thing for fringe. This year, I'm on the hunt for proper fringed things. Fringe and sequins is very Emily Haines, if you ask me. And while I tried (and quite possibly failed) to channel her as I went to Metric's show in Manila last month, every day's a new day to maybe try again.

With my closet being monochromatic and all, I've decided to add some color to it by having some leopard print pieces. I got a leopard print pencil skirt from Forever 21 over the holidays, that I just want to use everyday. Early this week I also got a pair of ankle boots (that still needs some fixing). I'm still looking for more excuses to wear them since I rarely wear heels these days. But the leopard print lining was just hard to say no to.

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