New Yeezy Resolutions

Not the biggest fan of Kanye West, and I'm even less of a fan today with this whole "Yeezus" persona (or whatever you call it) of his, but this is too funny. He once said in a music video that he only wants to say the things he wants to put in the universe, so why not quote him for NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS?

Resolutions have always been about cutting something out of your life, or adding something in, but rarely a declaration of what we will things to be. I'm not big on making resolutions, although I've been making the same vague one every year. "Make this year an upgrade of last year's." Thankfully, I get to stick to it easy peasy, but it's getting a bit boring. So I'm going to shake things up yeezus style, for the lol-s.

In 2014 I'm going full time in a little start-up with my parents. Maybe I won't exactly get my bank account to Jay-Z levels by the end of 2014, but here's to making this pursuit more sustainable. Because you know, momma has a live music addiction that's going nowhere. And foreign acts are making the great adventure to Manila, and momma wants to see most of them.

The start-up that I'll be more involved in starting next week involves a LOT of creating. I honestly don't see myself as a designer, but it's time to stop stopping myself from creating, and just go for it. I will be Warhol. *prays Warhol won't roll out of his grave to haunt me for this* But seriously, I will be a creative badass sounds pretty badass for a resolution. I like it.

In 2013, I've made a resolution to invest in memories. Thus making be bankrupt by December, with all the concerts and gigs (which isn't even much, tbh) I've been to. This pretty much tied to the first two yeezuloutions means that everything I do, everything my gut leads me to, will be made of pure awesome. Tall order. This is making me more stressed that it probably should!

I'm excited for 2014 to begin. I'm always excited for the new year. Like getting a brand new sketch pad, here's to all the blank pages I can fill up with doodles and random fun stuff. Hope you're all having a fun last few days of 2013! I leave you with this YEEZULOUTION for the lols. I'm sure there's some super metaphorical interpretation to this, but it's still funny. Happy new year everybody!

[get your own yezzuloutions: NEW YEEZY RESOLUTIONS]


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