Stadium Love

I have a nice list of bands and artists that I do hope and pray would grace our shores with a show or two, despite my little faith of it happening. Metric happens to be on that list. Along with Passion Pit, the xx, Chvrches, and more. So many things around it just seemed to make the possibility of seeing them even possible. But hey, if it took to me camping outside SM Aura for a shot at free tickets, I probably would've gone for it.

Since the poster said that doors open at 6, I did my best to be there at least an hour before. Based on past experiences, I'm guessing there'd be a line or a big chunk of people already waiting by then. Something I always hope for when going to events alone. Small groups of people in cliques give me so much anxiety. Which results to over-tweeting. And when I got there, things were exactly as my anxity-prone self feared. They let people in at round 7, but it took a while before they let us into the actual hall. We even heard opening act, Flying Ipis do their soundcheck! Good thing SM Aura has free wifi.

Flying Ipis opened the show at about 8.30, and they kicked ass. Makes me wish I got VIP tickets instead, because moshing is also theraputic. So happy I got to see them open for one of my favorite bands! I have so much faith their music will cross oceans. I mean what if Metric really takes them in on tour with them? Because they really should.

After waiting and people watching, Metric finally came in much to the screams and cheers of the entire audience. I expected them to open with Artificial Nocturne, but they opened with Nothing But Time and Speed the Collapse instead. I've been watching Metric's shows online for a couple of years now, and I'm glad that they change up their set list as much as they can.

The band didn't talk too much during their set, save for Emily's effort at tagalog. Which was adorable. We love it when foreigners try their hand at our native tongue. It's never not endearing. All night there were two songs I was looking forward to the most: Breathing Underwater and Gimme Sympathy. Of course that second one marks the end of the show and no one really wants that to come too soon.

The moment the first few beats of Help I'm Alive started playing, I could feel every single person on the balcony stand up, ready to dance. Same goes with every upbeat song they had on their set list. Like Stadium LoveGold Guns GirlsLost Kitten, and Empty, where Emily showed her hair flipping skills without getting so much as a bit woozy.

Crazy guitar solo during the show <3

Sassiest man on the bass with the best moves!!!
They also did a bunch of slow songs like Clone, and acoustic of Love is a Place, and The Police and the Private. Word of our love for singing back to every artist that graces our shores has certainly gotten around and Emily got the crowd singing to the first part of Ending Start.

This is the third time I braved going to a concert alone, and I've never ever regretted it. Maybe it would've been even more fun having a friend or two to share all those *feels* with,but I guess it's for the best. Stopped me from tearing up at Breathing Underwater.

Thank you Metric for making such awesome music and thank you Pulp for making what I thought was impossible, possible! I got all I ever wished for, for my birthday and Christmas combined. <3


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