The 30th of November

Funny thing about the universe is that everytime I have plans to go out later in the day, or just plan to leave in general, I get swamped with things to do. When the year began, I've declared November my last working month of the year. Well, sort of. Every year the stress begins at this month, and ends when the holiday festivities die down on January. I'm just not willing to go through that for the nth year, so yay on my last couple of working weeks! My first blog post for November has always been my shameless wishlist. But, this time around, I am embracing the "minimalist lifestyle", and would rather gain things that don't take up storage space for my birthday. Not that I get a lot of presents anyway. Besides anyone who knows me well knows that feeding me ice cream, some vodka, and then taking me to some concert or gig is good enough for me. So, in the spirit of wishlists, I'd love for y'all to celebrate my birthday with me in this little gathering.

This is not my birthday party. But it is a party anyway. There's bands, games, and people, and singing, and alcohol, and food, and more singing. There are some prizes up for grabs too, me thinks. Since Thirty Seconds to Mars came to Manila, my birthday week has gotten even more exciting. From show announcements, to getting a couple of birthday wishes from the Echelon and VyRT, I can't really ask for more. Sets the expectations pretty high though. But all I ask for my coming birthday is that people show up and see the really cool bands playing on the Thirty Seconds to Mars Night. Because I do know a couple of them, and they're really really good. Even better, entrance to the event is FREE! So grab yo momma and assemble the avengers because this is going to be one super fun night.

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