Gimme Sympathy

Today is play all the Metric songs day. And the blogpost for this week has been moved to next week because this is very important: Metric will be in Manila this year!!!

I've already done my share of hyperventilating and weeping as soon as I heard about this. Because their song Breathing Underwater means so much to me. That, and the fact that I have technically seen them live, online, in ridiculously ungodly hours, out of love. Because there are artists out there whom I'd wake up unnaturally early for just to watch. And they are one of those. I can't remember when or how I came across their music, but I do remember being excited to hear Help I'm Alive in The Vampire Diaries. I also got to catch their performances last year at The Bowery and Lolla, and early this year at Coachella.

Beyond the music, Emily has such great style. I'd love to see what she'll wear on stage in Manila. Yes, I know that's months from now. I'm also contemplating adding a chain fringe on one of my jackets, much inspired by what she wore at Coachella early this year. Looks like my love for fashion is going nowhere.

So bless you Pulp Live World for bringing them here. And bless my friends and "enablers" whom I am now shamelessly hinting at to help me see them in December. It was an easy decision for me to want to be at the section closest to the stage, but the balcony section could give me a better, more stable spot at taking good pictures. It would make my year if I got to photograph their show up close with a pass and all. But right now all I can think of is that I will finally see them live in Manila, and I will keep this playlist on repeat till then!


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