Coachella 2013: Weekend One

If there was anything I was looking forward to the most about Coachella this year, it would be The Postal Service. Sure, a good number of my favorite acts are playing, but this was the one that made me weep buckets in hopes that it'll be enough to get me there. Okay, I didn't exactly weep, but I did hope and pray they stream The Postal Service, because I'm sure as hell am not the only person who's waited for this to happen for so long. And I can only hope they do make a stop in Asia. Or Manila. But that might seem like a stretch.

To be honest, I'm surprised Metric's playing. I love them, and I think they're awesome, but with their new album out for almost a year now, and without a new single released (I think), I just know they'd be playing the same stuff again. But of course I'd still watch it.

And then Passion Pit. I've been a bit bummed I couldn't see them when they played in Singapore. But then again I'm pretty much bummed I could barely go anywhere with my current spending problem (which is an entirely different story where most of my money goes to buying albums, merch, and concert tickets. Mostly concert tickets). I love their stuff, and it really did make me wish I was there to experience them live.

I'm also glad I got to catch Purity Ring on day one. She kinda reminds me of Björk on her live set, but maybe that's just me. I only know Fineshrine, and I love how it was written, and I can say the same for the rest of the songs she performed.

I nearly missed Ben Howard and The Lumineers, both the first acts I wanted to catch on days two and three. Thankfully, I found out you can rewind the feed, so I was able to keep The Lumineers on repeat a couple of times before my internet got wonky. They are such fun to watch live. Like great fun jam session where everyone can dance and sing along.

The xx, often described as minimalist, really lived up to it. A set after sunset without much light. Yet it was still awesome. It's no secret that I love them. A lot. I've missed a good deal of Two Door Cinema Club for this, but it's alright if you have a copy of their fairly recent set somewhere else to keep on repeat.

It was the first time for me to see Phoneix perform on stage and it was insane. I've only gotten to listen to his stuff a few months ago, so it's pretty rad to see how they play it live. And Thomas was literally all over the place, going to the crowd, climbing up scaffolding, and finishing it off not crowd surfing, but CROWD SWIMMING. And to hell with the cord getting all tangled up on him while he does it. What. A badass. I thought it was over at 1901 and then more stuff played and then R. Kelly hit the stage singing Ignition! It was cool in the most confusing kind of way. My jaw was on the floor, because it's rad, but I was laughing too. And laughing hard. I'm not sure why. I was very confused.

One group I'm glad I caught was Portugal, The Man. I was waiting ages for The Postal Service come up and I'm glad I stuck to channel one and got to hear them.

Our internet, being shoddy on weekdays only allowed me to catch The Lumineers today. Hopefully I can catch the replays of Vampire Weekend, Franz Ferdinand, James Blake, and RHCP. I could barely get much from my stuttering feed earlier today, which is a shame. But there's still tonight, I hope.

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