Countdown to Wanderland: 3 Days

If, like me, this would be the first time you'll ever be at a music festival, then a checklist of things is in order. With eleven bands set to perform, a water slide, and some live art around you, what's to stop everyone from reveling under the sun or rain? So with your gadgets fully charged (and a waterproof bag for them!), and your looks all ready to rumble, here are a few essentials you can get at your local department store that can fit in a small bag. Because it's a one-afternoon thing, not an overnight trip. So pack light!

1. Sunblock - Rain or shine, it's good to have protection.
2. Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer - It's an outdoor festival. Not to be a snob or anything, but it's not just people partying on every corner of the venue. Germs too.
3. Cleansing wipes -  Same reason as above. And to keep our hands clean after we eat all the food!!!
4. Lip Ice Sheer Color - I use this a LOT. Y'all know how I can't be troubled with beauty things, so this is perfect. It keeps my lips pink and moisturized. Balm and lip color in one.
5. Hair ties - While it's great to put your hair down, you'll never know when you'll have to put your hair up. It can also come in handy in case of emergencies, when you unleash your inner McGuyver.
6. Snoe Hair Heroes Intense UV and Thermal Shield - One beauty product I honestly can't be without. This keeps your locks soft, smooth, shiny, and protected.
7. Foldable umbrella - The weather lately has been quite schizophrenic so who's to say it'll be sunny all afternoon?
8. Your scent of choice - I like keeping small bottles of perfume in my purse. With people possibly sweating up a storm, it pays to be that one person that goes out smelling great.
9. Sunglasses - Keep your eyes protected from the sun with style. You can go crazy and get embellished and oddly shaped ones to make a bigger statement.
10. Snoe Poudre Phenomenon - This is quite the miracle powder. It takes much longer for me to have to retouch, so it's moments like these that this powder is perfect. Keeps your face matte and perfect for longer.

Hope y'all are as stoked as I am to hear everyone play. I can't wait to see the artworks that'll be showcased on the event too. Tres excited to see what Thursday Room has in store. And imagine all the fun photos and memories we get to take home after?

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