Adventures in Wanderland

I apologize, it's a pun I just couldn't resist. So many plans that day kept changing. From what time I'd be there, to what I'll be wearing, to who I'll be enjoying the afternoon with. All of them went from carefully planned, so "screw it, let's be spontaneous". Then proceeded a series of events that led me to go to my first music festival alone. Hours before I left, I was already tempted to put my ticket up for sale or just give it away, because my socially awkward self is terrified of going to these things alone. But then again, it is a music festival. One that everybody's talking about. One that probably a good bunch of people are going to just to be seen. I can totally get lost in the crowd. So with whatever decent clothes I could grab, I made my way to the Circuit before I change my mind again.

Installation by Paper Heads
And good thing I didn't! Got to ride a jeep with two other girls who were headed to the festival. The thing about The Circuit is that as convenient as it is to go to (with a bit of a walk), it's not the safest venue to be at after the shows. But perhaps that's what the beefed up security was for.

I am so glad I went. Despite being alone. I've never been this hyped days after a concert in years! I wasn't too familiar with most of the acts that day, to be honest. And I was so bummed I missed Taken By Cars. But I did manage to catch the rest of the acts starting from Colour Coding.

I only knew Kick. And I really liked that song. And I did promise myself I'd get a copy of their album. And probably a poster. But got discouraged by the sheer amount of people at the merch booth. And I had to be at the pits before UDD plays if I want to get a nice cozy spot at the barricade by the time Neon Trees performs.

Of course I had to see UDD. I already missed TBC so I sure won't even try and miss them! They played songs from their new album, despite the constant chants from the crowd for them to sing the older ones. But hey, we all didn't mind! It was a sing-along as everybody knew the words to Tadhana and Indak. I love Indak. It's by far my favorite off Capacities.

Avalanche City

Nada Surf

Nada Surf

Nada Surf

What's generally great about music festivals is that it draws crowds who are fans of every single band in the lineup. So if you happen to catch one whose music you're not too familiar with, you're sure to know the words to a chorus before a song is over. It's a great way to hear artists for the first time. I'm a big fan of live music, and it's what gets me interested (or disinterested) in an artist/band. And these bands got me interested for sure.
Definitely lives up to the word NEON if you ask me ;)

And back to one of the bands I came to see: Neon Trees. Their set was amazing. I can only imagine how much amazing photos the photographers covering the show got out of their set. My camera couldn't even keep up. That, and I was busy having fun! Tyler danced, sashayed, rolled, twirled, and dove to the crowd in a fantastic finish. There was never a dull moment in their set that an hour felt like five minutes. And I enjoyed every second of it. I was THIS close to Tyler when he went to the crowd and it was insane.

The wait between sets felt too long. But it's great that the music they played in between was really good. It's fun to sing along with the rest of the crowd while waiting. The organizers sure have good taste in music. If that even needs proving. Finally, The Temper Trap begins their set in the most dramatic fashion: with smoke and lights. I think everyone just bled rainbows at that moment. It was glorious! Their entire set was. It had the most dramatic lighting, I just couldn't stop taking photos.

Before Saturday even started, I was pretty confident I'd be enjoying the show with a friend. It didn't sink in well until I got to the venue that'd be enjoying Wanderland alone. But as the organizers never failed tweeting, make friends with fellow music lovers, and have fun. And make new friends I did.

Hello Isa and Lady! :)
As early as now I'm already hyped for Wanderland 2014. Congratulations to Karpos for making what I've long considered a dream, a reality! Can't wait to see what you'll have in store for us next year!

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