Art and catching up

Over the weekend, I had a plan. Check out this band at BHS, that I saw play a few weeks back, and then go to a photography exhibit a few blocks away. Hopefully not alone. Thankfully, I got Asta to come with me! It was a series of spontaneous events when one, it rained. More like poured, really. And I left a bit late. I was so worried I missed that band I wanted to catch (Turned out they were one of the last ones to play! Oopsie.), and I was making my friend wait for ages. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. And that two of our friends were also in the area! So after a quick peek at who's playing, we made our way to the other end of BHS. Surprise number two, they were waiting for two of our friends from high school! So after some catching up, and dinner, we made our way to Pablo at the Fort to check out Everywhere We Shoot's exhibit.

If it wasn't for their instagram post I looked up over dinner, I wouldn't know we'd be staring at food in the gallery.

Our stop was short and sweet, and it was great bumping into someone I haven't seen in years! It's been a night of catching up, I know. So with photos of food at every turn, another meal is bound to happen. So off we went to Mercato for dessert!

photo grabbed from Asta because my cameraphone is a bit shoddy
Ice cream and football. And more chika time. I don't remember the last time I've seen a bunch of people play football so it was great. And chill. I love nights like these. I have never been this excited about not working since I quit my day job. Yes, at some point stress gets to me. And I am so happy it's almost over. Then I can breathe, read books, visit more galleries, see more bands, and window shop. And possibly start writing more! Just stoked I get to  cleanse my system of everything that's made me really unhappy (drama much?) before I pile on more things I don't even want or need. Kids, taking breaks every once in a while is good. Don't wear yourself too thin before recharging. Balance is key. In many many things. In short, don't do what I did! XD

Backstory: I have this horrible habit of taking in more than I can handle. And I may have taken in a few things I shouldn't have. Or maybe even took more of what I didn't want/need over the ones that I do. So as you can see, there's this terrible imbalance. So I am putting everything down, taking a step back, and editing my life. By only taking in things that I'll need. And hopefully the ghosts of my self sabotage won't come back to haunt me.

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