Coachella 2013

It's no secret I've been looking forward to this. But man did the days fly so fast! With a lineup this intense, all I could say was bless as I read the scheduled broadcast. Looks like I'll be catching The Postal Service after all. And Passion Pit. And Metric. For the nth time. I'm also looking forward to catching Stars, Purity Ring, Ben Howard, The Lumineers, and The xx! Set your alarms, Manila, stream starts at about 6am on Saturday. Here's a little chart to help you keep track.

Stars starts at about 6.30am, Metric at about 8.20am, Passion Pit plays about an hour later. Purity Ring, the artist behind Fineshrine plays much later, at around noon.

The lineup for this day's a bit cray. I might catch Ben Howard at around 7.25am. Bat for Lashes plays at around 9am. The Postal Service comes up just in time for lunch, at 12 noon. There is going to be a bit of an overlap at The xx and TDCC tho since they're playing around the same hour, so you might have to pick one.

Not much for me here, except The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, and RHCP. The Lumineers comes on at around 8am, which isn't too early, since I normally get dragged out of bed around that time.

The time difference for this one isn't so bad. I'm not sure if it was Bonnaroo, or Lolla that had me out of bed at 3am. Three in the morning! Usually I'm just about to hop into bed after ganap night around that time, and trust me, it'll take a lot to make me wake up at that hour. You can go bookmark Coachella's youtube page right about now, in case you haven't yet. Schedules in their time zone is also there, so get your math skills ready for that too.

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