Five Steps to Fashion

Last month I did a little shoot with Five Designs to check out some of their garments for a video shoot. We did a fitting and trial run for the looks we were supposed to do, among other things. Like have chat about random things, have crinkles, and play with their kyoot little doggies!

For a test shoot, I'm pretty happy with how the photos turned out. I haven't had much time processing them beyond the usual levels and curves, which I barely did for this set. Although the video shoot didn't push through I'm glad we all got to take these photos home instead. Many many thanks to Maxine and Kacci for having us!

Personally digging the shots with the sari dress. Haven't done much processing with this lot, save for curves. So if you do find any chismis I've most likely missed, my apologies. Life is always busiest before you take a break. And I will be taking a break pretty soon. And I can't wait! I've filled my schedule for those days with absolutely nothing, so I can spend it going to museums, and book shops, and gigs, and galleries, and a freaking music festival!!! Haven't had a proper break in a very long time so pardon the unnecessarily intense level of excitement. I can't wait to spend a day in a makeshift nook reading book after book after book. I haven't done that in ages. Who knows what else I'd sneak into my breaky-break?

Model: Miss PLP
Hair and Makeup: Chriselle Sy
Dresses: Five Designs Atelier
Photography: Henri Villegas

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