New Year, New Me

This girl is no stranger to makeovers. I've been giving myself a slow and steady and steady one since seeing my first episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. You should see my photos from way back! Not really tho, they're quite dreadful. Sometime when I got my first job, I started taking how I present myself to people with a semblance of seriousness. I have issues with having to "look pretty" growing up, which is a whole other novel. I realized that the way we dress, the way we present ourselves to the world can be a short and sweet statement of who we are. But my makeover was slow and steady. Until 2011, of course, when I had a drastic haircut.

I took it easy last year and grew it out. Honestly, I spent the year pretty much wanting to shave my head again and grow my hair out. So when chance came for another hair makeover, I grabbed it and never let go. Drama lang, not really. But I did say yes without so much as thinking about it. Or deciding what I want them to do with my hair. Until it hit me: I've been trying to get my hair red for years now and every salon I went to failed me. So why not give it another shot?

The Powerdose Treatment helps seal the color in so it stays vibrant longer.
Turns out the colorist was looking for a challenge, and was thrilled to get me a shade of red I've always wanted. Ms. Monette is now my fairy godmother. They were also pretty cool with explaining the process of what goes into your hair. She also explained why my last hair color only lasted three days! I swear to you it wasn't my doing.

Got a hair spa treatment too recently and we were all so happy it's been so red for this long. I spent the holidays with red hair and I do get all giddy inside when someone tells me the color suits me. Based on my past experience with red hair, I've been tres paranoid with washing my hair in fear that the color will wash out quickly. Over a month later, my hair is still red. I wish it would stay red forever but it's starting to fade now. Ever so slowly. Also, my roots are now black. But I love it. I've never been this happy about having my hair did before.
One moth later, making faces back at the salon

Post hair spa lewk.
If you're ready to give yourself a post NYD makeover, best place to start would be at Salon Beauvoir. You can check out their facebook page for booking an appointment. Strongly recommend asking for Ms. Monette, as you can see with how my hair turned out. A million thank yous to Miss PLPify, Miss Donna, and Ms. Monette for my hair. <3

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