Fireworks and lots of work

Such a corny title. But HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! It's been a crazy last two weeks of the month so a few posts will have to wait till the new year. Which isn't so far from today, obviously. 2012 has been a rather interesting and intense year filled with highs and extreme lows. I do remember making "resolutions" early this year, and looking back, I did kinda make most of them happen. Although I never traveled beyond the city this year, I did get to see A LOT of shows. And I did get to do more photography work this year. Honestly, I hate making New Year's resolutions. I mean, if you really want to change something in your life, do you really have to wait for the new year to start working on it? What was wrong with making a change today? Personally my "resolutions" are the same every year: make the new year better than the last. Always upgrade. 2012 has been a great year. Just when I thought it had huge shoes to fill (2011 was insane and filled with much positive change), it lives up and surpasses it. I can't wait for what the new year brings!

Hope you all had a fantastic 2012! Now off we go to make an even more awesome year ahead!

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