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A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of collaborating with a group of fabulous bloggers, and beauty brand SNOE, for a photoshoot, and video. While I hold on to the photos, here are a few photos and screenshots of our shoot. I didn't take a lot of photos then, because I'm saving as much space for taking videos.

It was so much fun working with Snoe, and trying out some of their products last week. They're so good, adn the packaging is super kyoot. Y'all know how visual I am so packaging matters very much to me. Also got their glamjam recently and I use it everyday. It smells so good it makes me hungry! I've already got my eye on a few of their products for when I go shopping soon. And I'm not biased. Boys know more about makeup than I do, so it takes a lot for me to like something beauty-related.

So last week, the video we've worked on was kept on repeat at the Meg Year End Bash. I may have been the vision of calm, but I mean it when I say I was very kilig/happy seeing something I've worked on play over and over. I've mastered the art of freaking out internally, it's become a habit. Not much photos of the party from me tho, I didn't pack my ganap camera that night.

Here's the video we did with Snoe, from their youtube account.

It was fun hanging out with the fabulous Ms. Jen, Nikki, Teena, Trina, Iya, and Shen! To more collaborations! <3

PS Our internet died last week and I was swamped, so now comes the deluge of posts from all my ganap (which isn't much, so no need to expect) from weeks ago.

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