Shooting in the dark

Weeks ago, Miss PLPify and I teamed up with makeup artist EJ Litiatco and her hair stylist cousin for a series of photos for a makeup brand. Here are my favorites.

These were taken using a softbox with probably a 800 watt flourescent bulb inside, and a makeshift reflector. Much like what I've learned in Raymund Isaac's workshop at SoFA, you don't need expensive gear to get the shot. All you need is some ingenuity and creativity.

I've also learned a number of things on what NOT to do when getting artists to collaborate with for your  business. Giving people a bad impression of yourself (or your work ethic) will inevitably affect your brand and your business. Especially for x-deals! Keep in mind that in any and every collaboration, people will dedicate their love, time, and resources to produce a material we can all be happy and proud of. It should always be win-win. Not showing up for your shoot, or giving so much as a personal explanation (or direction, or details you think people will need in your absence), or at least a thank you for collaborators doing their end of the agreement is a no-no. Communication is key in every relationship. Business and other things. I'd make kwento the entire thing, but it's almost Christmas, so I'd keep the nitty gritty details of my disappointment to myself. Suffice to say I was not happy working with that makeup brand. :) But I like how the photos turned out, and the hair was fabulous! Kinda made me want to grow my hair out. And I'm so happy I got to make new friends and work with such talented people.

Also, I've had the bad case of the flu the day after the shoot! But I'd blame the weather changes and that cab infested with roaches that we took on the way to the mall! Tres freaky. But it was a lot of fun working with EJ and her cousin. And EJ's kid was super kyoot too! <3

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