Wear what you eat

Weeks ago, I had a photoshoot at Shutterspace with KrinkleYsaTeena, and Miss PLPify. We've originally blocked the day off for a different shoot, but just like the weather, sometimes plans change. We decided to do headshots and play around with some food and holi powder! In case you missed it, here is the behind the scenes video.
In the spirit of applying things I've learned from many many places, I've narrowed down my favorite shots down these. Because a bit of mystery is fun sometimes.

The french fry necklace wasn't really planned. I just thought the look lacked a bit of statement because obviously pink eyebrows aren't "statement" enough for me.

This look with chocolate syrup was based on a series I've seen on Behance months (possibly a year) ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact link to it when I needed it the most. Such is my life. I'm not sure if she loves chocolate as much as I do, but the story for that series was to smother the models with their favorite food. I just think chocolate would be fun for our shoot.

Last, was the messiest of all. Which is why we had to shoot a "before" look. Right before we made a huge glittery mess. But I thought it was worth it. The gold dust in the background is a mixture of glitter and home made holi powder. I thought it looked fantastic despite the background being seen and all.

We shot 5 looks all day, which was rather quick for us, to be honest. I learned from a workshop that sometimes you have to learn to let go. When you see and know that you already have "the shot", move on. I did give some room for at least three options for myself tho. Just to be safe.

I've got lots more photoshoot posts to share soon, I just have to figure out how to swim in this onslaught of projects. Ironic I planned to have a "no work December". Not gonna lie, it is as stressful and intense as it is fun. As one fabulous fashionista put it: "Blessed beyond belief."

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