Sweet November

October has been a roller coaster of emotions. That was the last thing I expected of it. I thought October was going to be all about fabulous music and runway shows! This is a breather post from all the Fashion Week posts that are rolling in, btw.

The first two days of November are non-working days in these parts, but for me, not so much. After the all-nighter I pulled on the 31st, the first day of the month was spent trying to wake up. That, and watching episodes of The Voice and American Horror Story while I go through more photos from Fashion Week, and working. Girl needs monies to support her concert addiction. And shoe collecting. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to enjoy the runway extravaganza with friends old and new this season. And see so many collections! I'd normally get to catch just one show off fashion week, and most of the time, I was alone. Thanks Runway! This by far has been the best PhFW experience I've had. Good things are always best celebrated with people you love.

This month I'm looking forward to my mother's homecoming, after her month-long stay in the US. A couple of album launches are also happening this month! The annual obligatory videoke night, aka my birthday is also happening this month. Fingers crossed I get two videoke nights, because I am greedy like that. Might as well sing my lungs out because the one thing I currently want for my birthday is a little far fetched to actually happen. I'll save that mystery for my friends to figure out. If they haven't yet. *winks*

After the stunts the last month has pulled on me, I'm not so sure what kind of insanity this month will bring. It's been rough, but I managed to get out with some semblance of fabulousness (thank you, Fashion Week!), so I guess whatever happens this month, I'll come out just fine. Or with a gold star.

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