Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2013 SM Men's Fashion

No, this is not a sponsored post. Haha. This is the first time I've attended an SM show, and it was nice. Whatever people the previous show lacked, the sure made up for here because this was the line just after the 5.30 show ended.

And I didn't know that they served food and drinks before and after the show. Had I known, I would've saved myself the trouble of buying an overpriced bottle of water at the venue. I was parched to death. Anywho, here are photos of the show. Be warned, this batch of photos are a lot, covering all six designers.

I was drawn towards Louis Claparol's collection that night. Must be the drop crotch pants (seemusician style inspirations) and the military inspired thing mixed with spikes. Y'all know how obsessed I am with spikes.

Yes, he also had me at spikes
But I also loved the color blocking on Ivarluski's shirts. One I'm hoping I can convince my father to embrace, because they'd make him look tres gwapo for when my mum comes back. It's the right amount of fun for his age, you see.

Quite fancy the ink.
The blazers off Rhett Eala and Frederick Peralta's collections, on the other hand, are probably one I can share with the boys. I liked them very much. Especially this orange piece.


The menswear shows were never really on my list, to be honest, but you have to admit, sometimes the best options are in the men's section. Thanks again Josh for dragging me with you! And all you did was ask. Once.

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